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Straaltechniek wants to offer you the possibility to blast your products on location, in a safe, user and environmentally friendly way.

If your product is too big, too heavy or too complex for a blast cabinet, it is time to choose a blast container. Your operator can walk around the product, approach the product from all sides. Your investment is limited to a lower amount than if you were to go for a fixed blasting hall.

You do not have to make structural changes to your business premises, and the residual value is considerably higher as it is transportable. You can therefore resell it if necessary. In practice, the blast containers turn out to be a very stable property.

If your operator is blasting day in, day out, then the blast container may not be suitable. Blasting efficiency will play a role, so you would benefit more by going for a automatic recycling system. Then please take a look at this page: blast hall >3 meter.

Standard CE-certified blast container:

  • Blast container – 10, 20 of 40 Ft
  • Switch box with emergency stop
  • Steel plate floor
  • TL- LED Fixtures
  • Passages for extraction and hoses
  • Custom entrance door – locking inside & outside
  • Safety switch on door section
  • Wall & door trim – black rubber
  • Standard sweep pit on the floor
  • Blastpot set
  • Pat-Jet filter for room extraction with damper on the exhaust (After filter optional)

The blast container can also be fully configured to your specifications and wishes so that your products can be optimally processed, a number of possible options:

Damper + After-Filter
Recovery with Silo
Standard Sweeping pit
Built-in sweeping pit

Some possible options:

  • After-filter on the blow-off line
  • recovery with blasting media silo 500L with 1 outlet – C200 blast pot and SSM vacuum set
  • Sweeping pit built into the floor
  • Easily replaceable hook wall covering – White rubber
  • Rail system with hoist mounted on the roof
  • Full recovery floor > Suction floor or scraper floor
  • Front platform with trolley (+ possible turntable) on rail
  • Workstation > Your operator can then blast small products from the outside

We are happy to help you find the most suitable solution for you!

Digital render example setup

Example of one of our delivered blasting containers


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