Compressed air conditioning

wall mounting – arrangement

boiler mounting – arrangement

Avoid exposing the device to thermal stress caused by repeated fluctuations in the temperature of the incoming material. We recommend that you replace all filter elements at least once a year.

A special filter is placed on the compressed air inlet. This filter removes bulk liquids and particles down to 5 microns.

  • Type: HFN-205D
  • Type: HFN-022S used as pilot air filter
  • Class D: Coalescing filter

Official distributor

Straaltechniek International is an official distributor of Parker Hiross compressed air treatment systems.

Example setup

  1. Compressor
  2. Compressed air post-cooler
  3. Centrifugal separator
  4. Compressed air dryer
  5. Pressure vessel
  6. Pre-filter
  7. Helmet filter set
  8. Control air branch
  9. Reducing valve
  10. blastpot
  11. Nozzle
  12. Helmet air pressure reducing valve
  13. Blast helmet

In the conditioning of the air supply, together we can determine what you have and what you think is needed. Our consultants are ready to answer your questions by phone, via email or WhatsApp (button below). Or go back to the overview of custom blast cabinets!

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