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Blast pot: the core of your blast cabinet!

Blasting medium is added to the compressed air in the blast pot. The BlastWizard® is equipped with our unparalleled bronze filling cone, which always seals airtight, as well as with a pneumatically operated main air, deaeration and abrasive control valve. All components are matched, so that the pressure drop across your blast pot vessel is minimal.

This gives you the following benefits:

  • low maintenance costs
  • low downtime
  • higher production due to higher workload

SU 012 Grit cylinder

With the aid of the grit cylinder it is possible to have a set amount of blasting media dispensed through the grit valve housing. In the grit valve housing there is a spring which in the rest position always ensures that the piston rod with the rubber cone on it, starts in its outward stroke. In this rest position, the blasting medium flow in the grit tap housing is closed.

Control box SP 147

The blast pot can be switched off quickly, which gives double safety.

SU098 Main air valve

To start up the blast pot, open the main air valve by applying pilot pressure below the piston. The air valve is closed if we have no control pressure below the piston, in other words, we speak here of a normally closed air valve.

Filling cone SP 014CE

The compressed air enters the vessel through the main air valve through the riser pipe. The filling cone SP-014 is pressed upwards into the rubber collar ring by this compressed air flow. The blast pot now forms a closed vessel and is presurised

SU 034 Bleed Valve

To put the blast pot into operation, the Bleed valve must be closed by applying control pressure to the membrane. The air valve is open if we have no control pressure on the membrane, in other words, we speak here of a normally open air valve.

Check out the details

The BlastWizard® blast pot is equipped with two fixed wheels and one swivel wheel with brake, making it easy to move the blast pot.

Technical data:

Type Volume (L) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Weight (Kg)
2000-50 CE 60 400 1050 60
98-100 CE 120 650 1270 145
98-150 CE 180 650 1420 160
98-240 CE 295 800 1520 195
98-380 CE 380 800 1950 250
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Innovative design

By using a choke valve in the air line, a blockage can be quickly resolved. The control box of the blast pot is equipped with an emergency stop button, in accordance with EC directives, so that the blast pot can also be switched off quickly by anyone, thus providing double safety. The vessel is suited for a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar.

Each blast pot must be equipped with a dead man’s system, which means that the blast pot will be fully unpressurized from a distance if the dead man’s button is no longer actuated.

Collection of CE and ATEX blast pots

We were one of the first in the Netherlands to develop a blast pot with a CE mark; an extremely safe and user-friendly blast pot with high efficiency that meets the European directives. For the offshore industry we supply a specifically developed blast pot with the ATEX quality mark.

BlastWizard® Type 98 CE

CE-certified blast pot with a capacity ranging from 120 to 380 liters with very accurate dosing of abrasive.


BlastWizard® Type 98C CE

CE-certified blast pot with a dust-free silo connection for automatic filling of the vessel.


BlastWizard® Type 2000-50 CE

CE-certified blast pot in a very handy version of 50 liters. Ideal for the small job!


BlastWizard® ATEX series

Complete range of ATEX certified blast pots. Category 2, directive 94/9 / EC. Suitable for zone 1 and 21.


BlastWizard® SSM 62-050 CE

CE-certified blast pot for dust-free blasting. Specifically developed for small areas and welds.


BlastWizard® SSM 62-050 CE ATEX

ATEX certified blast pot for dustless blasting. Specifically developed for small areas and welds.


BlastWizard® Type 2100 CE

CE-certified blast pot especially for glass beads and other micro or fine blasting media types.


Blastwizard® Type C200M CE

CE-certified blast pot in budget version. Capacity 200 liters.


BlastWizard® Type TQB 80 CE

CE and ATEX certified wet blast pot for dustless blasting. The safest wet blasting system at the moment!


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