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Roller conveyor blasting machine

Straaltechniek International is the designer and manufacturer of roller conveyor blasting installations. These blasting installations are specially designed for efficient processing of parts in large quantities. Sometimes the installation is designed to facilitate efficient logistics, in another case this is the best solution because of the size or length of the part. A number of features you can expect from us:

  • The choice of suction or pressure blasting
  • Customisation and modular built solution for your automation problem
  • With the help of our PLC programming experts, we can write any program for you
  • 2 mm thick steel sheet, standard suitable for products up to 200 kg
  • An inside rubberised cabinet against wear, optionally extra thick rubber as sound damping
  • Static or automatic-driven nozzles
  • These nozzles can blast from above or from below the part
  • Access door for maintenance and inspection
  • LED lighting and viewing window

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