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Injection blast cabinet SK900

This blast cabinet is complete and immediately ready for use after connecting electricity and compressed air.

A professional, hand blast cabin for roughening, cleaning, rust removal, matting, deburring and polishing of workpieces. An installation that is suitable for various types of blasting media. The installation works according to the injection principle, whereby the abrasive, after blasting the components, falls into the funnel under the blast cabinet. From there the blasting media is sucked up by the cyclone separator. Here the dust and dirt is separated and the cleaned abrasive is fed back to the gun for reuse.

For the dedusting of the blasting space, a cartridge filter is used which removes the dust and other contaminants. The separated dust is collected in the dust collecting funnel.

Drukregelaar met manometer

Straal- en luchtpistool

Straalmiddel regelventiel

Supplied complete

  • Pressure regulator with manometer
  • Foot pedal for starting and stopping the blasting process
  • Lighting in the ceiling
  • Complete with Boron Carbide nozzle
  • Air gun for cleaning after blasting
  • Air-cleaned cartridge filter

Technical data

The SK-900 is equipped with an extremely efficient cyclone which is cost effective and ensures less abrasive consumption.

Type SK900
Total installation 900 × 1150 × 2000 mm
Working area 900 × 700 × 900 mm
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