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Blasting installation with sliding door

Straaltechniek International is the designer and manufacturer of blasting installations with large sliding doors for large parts. These blasting installations are specially designed for automated blasting of larger parts. This installation is ideally suited to add a turntable and a robotic arm. On this webpage we hope to inspire you to think about what concept blasting cabinet you desire. As you will notice, anything is possible.

We will discuss with your team the following options and features in order to be able to think of the proper blasting cabinet for you:

  • Weight, dimensions and shape of the part to be blasted
  • Type of media to be used. This depends, for example, on the surface pollution (e.g. corrosion) on the part to be blasted
  • With the help of our PLC programming experts, we can write any program for you
  • Surface preservation method
  • Automated lance movements
  • A good consideration whether to choose pressure- or suction blasting

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