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Grit blasting cabin
of 30 x 7.1 x 6 (L x W x H) meters

Straaltechniek international Belgium manufactured and installed in 2020 a new grit blasting cabin inside old storage halls in France.

The very well insulated cabin dimensions 30 m x 7.1 m x 6 m(LxWxH). In sandwich panels, it is armoured with rubber. It is reinforced by a very compact rigid frame structure, which supports the movement of 2 motorized longitudinal work platforms and will, in the future, allow to work with a transversal gantry equipped with a grit blasting robot.

The cabin, particularly well equipped, is provided with all the elements to make the work of the operators comfortable: the lighting is very efficient (+/- 800 lux) from all working angles and a Atex ventilation system ensures good vision and filtration of air.

This cabin allows full grit blasting of rail wagons measuring 27 m x 3 m x 4.7 m with 2 types of abrasives (metal grit and corundum).

The Atex  dust collector  has a capacity of 70,000 m³ /h, it is isolated from the 2 suction labyrinths in the cabin by 2 Atex non-return valves.

Work is allowed even if the weather conditions are unfavourable, thanks to a very powerful air heating (750 kW).

2 large end doors allow entry and exit of wagons. Numerous operator doors results in safer work and access for operators.

The floor is made of very resistant grating to withstand the stresses and handling required for the various works. A system of HLS scrapers with 3 independent tracks allows different level of the foundation in order to be able to blast under the wagons.

A screw and bucket elevator, able to provide a flow of 12m³/ h, lift the abrasives to the separation systems.

The 2 types of abrasives are separated automatically; they are cleaned and recycled independently in 2 separate silos of 2500 liters each. It is possible to install 8 sandblasters of 240 liters in parallel under the silos.

Automation, security and supervision are provided by a PLC which allows easy management of the entire installation by the operators.

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