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Glass bead blasting cabin
of 15 x 5 x 5 (L x W x H) meters

Our valued customer from the south of the Netherlands is specialized in producing stainless steel products for machine builders in the food industry. For their new production hall (completely energy-neutral through solar panels and heating via a ground pump installation), a glass bead cabin was purchased with the following dimensions: 15 x 5 x 5 (L x W x H) meters.

All the necessary equipment is installed next to the cabin and fully integrated with the blasting cabin, in order to avoid any emissions towards the production hall.

No foundations were allowed to be made. Straaltechniek International has designed a special propeller for this purpose, which is mounted on the ground (in a lowered version). In addition, the entire floor and upright walls up to a height of 1,500 mm are fitted with stainless steel plates to prevent contamination. Tarpaulins have been placed in the pearl blasting cabin to protect the walls and increase light reflection.

LED lighting has also been used. A magnetic separator is used in the abrasive transport system to prevent contamination of the glass beads. A Pat Jet EA 20/25 is installed as extraction. A silencer is mounted on the exhaust of the fan, which is connected to a return blower pipe, which is completely integrated in the intermediate ceiling of the cabin casing.

Within 1 day after start-up, a roughness of <Ra 0.4 microns was achieved, which are the requirements that the food industry sets for surfaces of machine parts, produced from stainless steel.

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