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Tug builder in Vietnam

Collaboration between two international shipbuilders was the reason for modernising the anti-corrosion blasting and painting facility for ships’ hulls. In Vietnam Straaltechniek International equipped three painting halls and one Combined Blasting and Painting Hall.

When a Dutch shipbuilder entered into a joint venture with a Vietnamese tug builder a brand new shipyard was built in the Far East. This included a new configuration for the blasting and painting process, providing a total capacity of 67,000 m3.

Straaltechniek International’s extensive experience of fully-integrated, in-house developed Combined Blasting and Painting Halls was the reason the yard chose us. The result was a complex of three painting halls and one Combined Blasting and Painting Hall; the solution for anti-corrosion treatments.

The Combined Blasting and Painting Hall provides a one-stop process for cleaning, blasting, painting and drying in a single hall. Additional benefits include full climate control and minimal transport within the yard.

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