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Blasting and painting halls for a Norwegian shipbuilder

For a worldwide operating shipbuilder based in Norway, Straaltechniek International equipped no less than five blasting halls, two of which were Combined Blasting and Painting Halls. This project was for the Romanian yard which is owned by the company and which operates primarily in the offshore oil and gas industry.

The company needed to expand its production capacity for the specialised vessels that it regularly builds. It was decided to replace two blasting and painting halls, which we had erected in 2004, with a new modern facility. This was a perfect opportunity to incorporate the latest insights we had gained worldwide in order to develop a new concept.

The completion of these halls allowed the yard to double its production. The new complex consists of three painting halls and two Combined Blasting and Painting Halls. Within the new concept of the Combined Blasting and Painting Hall, which Straaltechniek International had started developing as far back as the 1990s, the cleaning, blasting, painting and drying processes are all undertaken in a single hall. And energy recovery systems mean the costs are minimal.

Three halls have a capacity of 38,000 m3 and two halls have a capacity of 28,000 m3. Complete ship sections can be manoeuvred in without any problems and given a full anti-corrosion treatment under optimum conditioning condition. And in compliance with the most stringent environmental requirements.

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