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Unique oil and gas project in the Caspian region

In the Caspian sea area, Straaltechniek International operates with innovative solutions. With the set-up of three gigantic blasting and spraying halls for the treatment of offshore steel structures and undersea pipelines, we set the new standard for anti-corrosion treatments.

With one of the largest assignments ever, Straaltechniek International is participating in the Shah Deniz – phase II project, which was the largest offshore project in the world in 2015. In 2020, gas will flow from two offshore platforms through a 3500 kilometre long pipeline, via Georgia, Turkey, Greece and Italy to the rest of Europe. 500 kilometres of this will lie under sea level. 500 kilometres of this will lie under sea level.

Custom Coating Facility

Our project involves an advanced ‘Custom Coating Facility’ which is unique for the region. In this installation, undersea steel structures are cleaned, blasted, coated and provided with a special PU coating. All compartments are fitted with heating systems and dehumidifiers, thereby achieving optimal climate control in accordance with the most stringent offshore and environmental standards.

Undersea pipelines

One of the latest developments concerns an offshore application developed by us for the dust-free blasting of undersea pipelines that are to be laid. We created this installation in close collaboration with a worldwide leading enterprise, which is specialised in the design and production of pipelines in the oil and gas industry, with special deep water expertise.

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