Explore the infinite applications of a blasting cabinet

Blast cabinets have endless applications and are suitable for many materials: steel, plastic, rubber, glass, metal, wood, etcetera. These materials can be blast-hardened, roughened or polished; both as pretreatment and for decorative purposes. Blasting cabinets are particularly intended for the treatment of small objects.


An integrated dust extraction system and a large window provide a pleasant use and a good view of the work piece to be treated. Another big advantage of our blast cabinets is the compact design; from factory to laboratory or garage; there is always a place available.

Our range of ergonomic pressure blasting and injection blast cabinets


Fully equipped blast cabinet based on the pressure blasting principle. Powerful machine for a high production rate.

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Injection blasting with the SKIF blast cabinet. This model is available with many accessories.

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Our smallest blast cabinet in the range. With integrated dust extraction for a good view of the workpiece.

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With a blast cabinet from Straaltechniek International you benefit from:

  • ideal working environment due to the integrated dust extraction system
  • excellent visibility due to the large window
  • significant savings on your abrasive consumption
  • perfect result due to the precise adjustment options

Carrying out periodic maintenance to your installations will save you costs, because carrying out repairs to defects afterwards is a time-consuming and expensive operation. It is also a great shame, as it could have been avoided. Proper and timely maintenance will also extend the service life of your machinery. Straaltechniek International makes it even easier for you when you opt for a service contract.

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