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Unique blast cabinet for Belgian filter producer

Straaltechniek International delivered a special blast cabinet for a Belgian company that manufactures carbon filters based on activated carbon techniques. It was special not only for its dimensions, but also for the customised – and therefore unique – machine set-up.

Activated carbon is a specially treated type of carbon that is able to bind certain substances to it through adsorption. So this is ideal for application in filtration plants. Activated carbon is stored in large silos which after a while require cleaning. To do this, the old coats of paint are removed, after which the silo is given a new coating. For the first treatment, this company needed a special blast cabinet.

Limited options
The starting point here was that the filter manufacturer’s workshop was to have the least possible hindrance from the blast cabinet. The required dimensions for the blasting area was 16 meters long, 5.5 meters wide and 5 meters high, the silos having to be brought inside using a crane. Moreover, optimal use of the cabinet’s working space was also required.

Unique solution
Our challenge here was to set the machines up as compactly as possible, and that at the back of the blast cabinet. For transporting the silos, Straaltechniek International designed a lockable opening over the full length of the roof, which can be controlled automatically. This means that two blasting units can be used simultaneously. We have also installed the cabinet with our energy-efficient equipment and we have fitted economical LED lamps in the ceiling. The blast cabinet also provides an automatic blasting media transport, cleaning and recycling system.

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