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Nozzle handling by industrial robots and gantry systems

Below some examples of how nozzle manipulation and positioning can be executed. Options include: Standard Industrial robots, gantries or specialized solutions like deep hole peening manipulators.

  • Industrial Robots
  • Gantry systems
  • Custom manipulators

Rotary lance

The robot is also equipped with a servo controlled rotary lance to peen (very small) holes and cavities.

Industrial robot

Our standard technical solution for high flexibility- and accuracy we install a 6-axis industrial robot. All well known and established robot brands, e.g. ABB, FANUC, YASKAWA, are within our scope of supply.


To guarantee a safe access to the machine, a safety fence is foreseen in combination with a SICK 2D sensor. It monitors the area in front of the rotating door. The monitoring area is activated or deactivated depending on the door movement.

Dual industrial robots

With the sole purpose to maximise productivity, two industrial robots simultaneously shot peen the component. In addition we applied the „green button“ solution.

NeXt Generation nozzle exchange

With the “Green Button” solution we avoid any manual intervention after the process is started; this includes the automatic changing of the various required nozzles to completely peen the component.

Custom designed nozzles

Parts can have complex geometric shapes such as isogrid. Our engineering team is fully equipped with tools and know-how to design specific nozzle to cover all surfaces.

Gantry system

Multiple axis gantry systems are a lower cost alternative to industrial robots. Rails are mounted on top of the cabinet for the automatic horizontal movement of a trolley with the lance that holds the nozzle. The lance is fitted on a linear bearing system for vertical movement. The nozzle angle is programmable as well. All speeds are variable and are programmed on the HMI control panel or on the teach pendant.

Deep hole peening device

At the back of the peening cabinet, a heavy-duty horizontal rotating lance device is mounted for internal peening applications. The construction of this device is very robust , reliable, and accurate. The heavy-duty horizontal lance device has a rotating lance with adjustable speed; linear and rotation. Depth control by servo for positioning is included in combination with the robot controls.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our shot peening specialists.

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