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Double chamber peening pot

The double chamber peening pot is the heart of your machine. The top vessel automatically tops off the bottom vessel during the peening cycle. This enables guaranteed continuous peening.

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low downtime
  • High productivity

Exhaust valve SU 034

To operate the blast pot, the exhaust valve should be closed, by putting control pressure to the diaphragm of the valve. The valve is open if we do not have control pressure on the diaphragm.

Filling cone SP 014

The upper reservoir is closed off by the pneumatic filling cone whereby the pressure vessel can be put under pressure. When both tanks have reached the same pressure, the pneumatic filling cone of the lower reservoir opens. This results in a system, wherein the medium from the upper reservoir is now complementary to the bottom. Afterwards the reverse procedure takes place. This process repeats itself as soon as the lower reservoir is nearly empty again.

Main air valve SU 098

The inlet of this air system has a 2” main air valve (SU-98). This valve can be opened from the control panel allowing the air under pressure, into the double chamber blasting machine. After this action all remaining valves can be operated. Close to this main air valve is a closed loop remote controlled reducing valve, which can be regulated at the control panel. This means that here after all valves has the same pressure.

Magna valve 500-24 series

Control and monitoring of the media flow rate is done by using a MagnaValves® and is a closed-loop process.

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Parker electronic pressure gauge

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The double chamber peening pot system consists of two reservoirs, one above the other, each with a manifold. This system enables full-continuous peening. The top reservoir is used for continuously feeding the bottom reservoir, during the peening cycle. A level indicator, positioned in the bottom reservoir activates the top reservoir. Just below the bottom reservoir of the peening machine, we will install the pinch valves and media dosages valve (closed loop controlled).

A main air valve is installed on the bottom reservoir manifold, which is connected to the so-called “mixing tube”. Each connection is fitted with a non-return valve. Each reservoir is pressurised and is connected to each other by steel pipes and creates a separate air system in the double chamber peening machine.

The inlet of this air system has a 2″ main air valve and can be opened from the HMI control panel allowing the air under pressure into the double chamber peening-machine.

Close to this main air valve, a remote controlled reducing valve (closed loop controlled) is fitted which can be adjusted from the HMI control panel. Both reservoirs have a filling cone, which is opened and closed by a pneumatic cylinder. Control of the cones occurs automatically from the control panel with a feed back to a level indicator.

In accordance with the European Directive on pressure vessels 2014/68/EU and resolution Stable. 339 dated January 1st 2002, all pressure vessels should be certified by a Notified Body. Straaltechniek International B.V. delivers you these vessels i.a.w. these regulations, which are certified by Det Norske Veritas, and has also taken care of testing the applicable components. Straaltechniek International B.V. therefore delivers a peening pot as complete equipment, which complies with the European rules.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our shot peening specialists.

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