Innovators in blasting and shot peening technology

Innovator in shot peening

Straaltechniek International is the number one innovator in shot peening and offers the most advanced solutions in the high-end metal processing industry.

For a safe take-off, flight and landing

Aeroplane components are subject to constantly changing loads, so that the dangers of metal fatigue are always lurking around the corner. Shot peening is the proven solution for this. Straaltechniek International has been applying this technique successfully for years on (for instance) undercarriages, turbine blades, discs and shafts.

Working together is our strength!

Straaltechniek International designs and develops state-of-the-art shot peening and high-end blasting installations in close cooperation with the client, within many industries. Our solutions are fully tailored to the wishes and requirements of the client.

This results in:

  • highest quality at minimum cost
  • the highest uptime percentages for your machines
  • the lowest maintenance costs
  • and therefore a head start against the competition!

Our job shot peening division, equipped with a fully-automated robotic shot peening machine, is available at your discretion to entirely suffice your shot peening requirements. Our experts are at your service!

Need advice?

Are you curious in what way your production process could benefit from shot peening?

We shot peen for you

It is also possible to let us shot peen your products for you.

Examples of shot peening and high-end blasting installations designed and built by Straaltechniek International

Straaltechniek International has previously carried out highly successful assignments for:

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